Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Operation Kindness Matters

It is very easy with summer vacation upon us for the kids and I to start getting short with each other and lose our tempers.  So much togetherness! Hahaha  I decided what we needed was a day to focus purely on others.  Thus, Operation Kindness Matters was born.  Each of the kids had "secret missions" to help make the world a kinder place.

We made tons of cookies and cards.

All 5 kids decorated each card.

A cute card my husband made for us to give out to people "just because."

Noel's first mission:  Leave a card and small gift for our postal carrier.

Cookies and a card to our neighbors

More neighbors

Rodney's mission:  Leave someone a free drink

We brought blankets and toys for the animal shelter and cookies and a thank you card for the people that volunteer there.

Our dentist is awesome to us!  We left his office cookies and a card.

We made cards for people in assisted living.  We gave them to the receptionist and asked him to hand them out to people that might need cheering up.

Cookies and a card to the post office

Cookies and a card to the local police

We handed out bubbles to kids at the park.

We met a real fireman and gave him cookies and a thank you card.

Each kid took $1 and hid it in the toy aisle of the dollar store.

Jacob hid a Books a Million gift card in a book at the store.

Isabella gave a lady with her dog at Petsmart a gift card to buy it some treats.

We remembered our favorite librarians!

We also adopted a soldier.  We have already heard from Sgt D and are thrilled to get to know him and send him care packages.  www.adoptaussoldier.org

At this point we came home exhausted but with smiles on our faces!

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