Monday, July 22, 2013

Painting with Egg Shells

or Why My Husband Doesn't Like to Leave Me Home Unsupervised   (I kid...)

I've been saving empty egg shells for a while and decided that we finally had enough to have a little fun!  I first saw the idea here.  I'm not patient enough to make a small hole at the top and wait for all the egg goo to drip out, so I used a knife to carefully chop off the top of the egg.  (Be careful not to get any shell pieces in your breakfast!)  I then broke another egg in half to make a little "hat" for my egg.  (Make sure you wash them out first.)

 Then fill them up with paint!!

 Hot glue the "hats" on.

And let the kids go nuts!

I got sprayed with orange on this one.  Guess mom should have worn a paint shirt too!

 And our finished artwork

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