Thursday, July 11, 2013

(Cheap) Beach Crafts

I love to take my kiddos out and do all sorts of things with them, but sometimes the budget requires we have a little creative fun at home.  We go the Outer Banks every year for our family vacation.  This year, I planned ahead and took a crafting bag to keep everyone busy during the down time without breaking the bank.

Seashell Necklaces
This was super easy.  We found seashells on the beach, colored them with permanent markers, and put a cord through them.

We made it easy on ourselves by picking shells that already had holes in them.

We tie dyed one day too!

This is my patriotic shell.

Oceans in a Bottle

I think this has been around forever, but is no less fun.  Take an empty water bottle, fill it halfway with water, add blue food coloring, shells, small toy fish, etc and then fill the bottle the rest of the way with cooking oil.  When the kids move it back and forth it make "waves".

 Paper Bowl Jellyfish

Paint the underside of a paper bowl, glue on googly eyes, and add ribbon, streamers, etc to the underneath.  I saw it here,

Even the grownups had fun making these.

In cases of extreme silliness, they can also be used as hats!!
Clothespin Mermaids

I saw the idea here.  First, you need to color your clothespin with a Sharpie.

I bought glitter foam to makes the tails.  I traced the pattern before we went to make it easier for the kids.  I hot glued the mermaids' tails to the clothespins.

The kids wrapped yarn around their hands for the hair.

We took another piece of yarn and tied it around the strands and cut all the loops.

I hot glued the hair on top and VIOLA.  Mermaids.

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